Yeah I know – last night’s roll call of the mighty in the vocal field left many (hundreds in fact) out. Sorry. Blogging is often an immediate response, as was last nights – so apologies to all the wonderful voices who were not name checked in my ramblings but who deserve to be up there in the pantheon of vocal greats. Can I just give honourable mentions to Josh Rouse, Brett Sparks, Jeff Tweedy, Jay Farrar, Neil Hannon, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, David Crosby, Todd Rundgren, Evan Dando, Bic Runga, Alex Chilton, Donald Fagen, John Lydon, Jenny Watson, Dr John, Little Richard, Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, Rod Stewart (late 60’s early 70’s version) etc, etc..
Anyway – life is not all about music (oh yes it is…) … what have I me mine been up to in the long weeks since last blogging? Well, we survived a robbery… although our I-Pod did not, and led to me visiting the local nick. Have you seen Orson Welles’ ‘Touch of Evil’? That might give you some idea of what I was up against… the local police chief must have had extremely bad toothache, as he had obviously been gargling for several days with cheap whisky, and the array of ladies of the night who seemed to be his support staff were also highly amused by the foreigner in their midst… number one question was ‘…what do you want us to do about this?’ . I swear that if I had said ‘you must bring me the perpetrator’s heads on a silver platter!’ I would have had a better reaction than the one I got when I meekly asked if perhaps they might try and find out who did this and get the items back… my Khmer friends at the office were highly amused by all the shenanigans around my ill-advised attempts to report the incident, and seemed to suggest that the local constabulary might be fairly deeply implicated in the theft anyway…
Otis is now crawling everywhere with the manic intensity and superhuman agility of Ridley Scott’s Alien, and with pretty much the same horrendously destructive effect. We can’t wait for him to start walking. No, honestly, we can’t. He’s a truly wonderful little chap, and a constant source of amusement and bemusement to the Sutherland-Mathur’s. He also has top and bottom teeth now. Ouch. Next week we are taking him to Thailand. Please watch CNN 24 Hour News for further details and updates, as and when they happen.
I went to Nairobi a couple of weeks ago, to attend a course on gender in mine action, which was most entertaining and extremely illuminating, as mine action is still male-dominated and full of ex-army machismo. Things are changing though, which is good. There was no doubt that the feistiest and toughest people there were the women, which was very heartening – most of the men seemed stuck in a terribly British Terry Thomas/Leslie Phillips landscape which ceased to exist a long time ago… “ I say! That’s a bit unfair, old chap…”
I’m sorry, those last two or three paragraphs were really quite boring. So, life goes on. I’m a little tired tonight, so I won’t ramble or bore you any further. It’s time for bed, as Zebedee used to say. Tomorrow, who knows…
I think I’ll listen to a little Elliot Smith.
Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine…

Night Night

Sleep tight