The Comedians

And not just any old bunch of comedians either.

The Divine Comedy, sympathetic interpreters of the work of Mr. Neil Hannon, who is up there in my opinion with soon-to-be Sir Ray Davies as a living, breathing and performing example of a Great British Popular Music Composer. He’s an exquisitely talented chap, is old Neil, and this performance from the Folies Bergere features many of the wonderful vignettes in song that flow from the pen and mind of the Divine one, including quite a few from his new (and, let’s be frank, exceptional) opus, ‘Foreverland’.

Like most of their albums, ‘Foreverland’ captivates on first listen but unfolds it’s true depths with repeated plays… tracks like the slow burning ‘To The Rescue’ have an emotional resonance¬†that tugs at the heart and mind in equal measure…

The live experience awaits in this fantastic show, their final night of three at this iconic and beautiful Parisien venue.

So, sit back, click on the link below… and enjoy!

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