Cassettes (and books)

Received an e-mail today which rolled back the years. It came from Mike Powell, who played guitar in a band with me 30 years ago. The band were called the Blonde Brothers, brainchild of myself and Raymond Henderson, and we really believed we were the powerpop songwriting saviours of Scottish music. For about 10 minutes we were, getting single of the week accolades in the music press for our ‘cassingle’ and attracting the attention of Led Zeppelin’s publishing agent who promptly Led us into oblivion…

A blast from the analogue past - the Blonde Brothers amongst friends...

The pic above comes from a bit of reminiscence about the BB’s courtesy of another Thurso expat, Mr. Kevin Williamson. His life took a turn for the unexpected when his publishing company took a chance on an unknown Scottish writer called Irvine Welsh…

Read Kevin’s original post.

Gotta lust for life….

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