Next to ‘Surf Green’ guitars (which mine is, thanks again Ani – I will relate that story in more detail one day…), I am somewhat partial to the red variety. Here is a nice ESP Telecaster currently holed up in a box on the wall of the Hard Rock cafe in Bangkok.

Signed by Keith Richards, but probably never owned or touched by the Human Riff.

Guitars should not be in boxes.

They could give it to me, that would be nice. I’d love to have a strum on that.

Talking of guitars, do check out the new album by American chaps Real Estate. It’s called Days, and it’s really rather good in a Sunday morning hazy mazy kind of way. Free download and more info at the end of this post.

Despite claiming to be influenced by the Doobie Brothers and Kokomo (remember them?), to these ears there’s more an early Stone Roses/Byrdsian/Feelies type feel going on. Good stuff anyway, and chock full of… yes, guitars!

Happy Lazy Sunday, all…

Green Aisles by Real Estate

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