"the return of the thin white duke…

…blowing darts in lovers eyes”
Lovely thought, eh? Whatever David Bowie was on when he wrote that (cocaine? Almost certainly… probably with a bit of cough syrup thrown in for good measure) it certainly pushed his muse to the industrial tinged edge. ‘Station to Station’ ought to have been the soundtrack to Bladerunner. Vangelis’s twittery ramblings are ok, but Bowie’s machine tooled neu-motorik funky cabaret pop-rock still seems to come from some electric blue future even now. It even has Ron Wood’s finest hour in the shape of ‘Stay’… I’m off to listen to it some more. But first…

I’ve been away but have returned – still white, but decidedly not thin and absolutely not a duke. That’s really all I have to say on the matter right now, but there has been a lot of water (figuratively and actually) under the bridge since last I wrote in cyberspace, maybe some will dribble through into these virtual pages, maybe not. I hope you have all been well in the meantime. Life, as those (Small) Faces (gorblimey, Ronnie Wood again guv – twice in one blog?) so succintly put it, is like a bowl of All Bran.
Now where did I put the sugar…???


  1. Mr. Tand · August 17, 2007

    Good to have you back online. Hope you had a great holiday and managed to avoid the English Monsoon season.

  2. jamescs · August 20, 2007

    Mr Tand, how are you? ‘fraid we got a little caught in the unseasonal weather, but not as much as some of the poor blighters from blighty did. I will pen you a personal missive in the not-too-far-distant future (now you are thinking, ‘where I have I heard that before’) as it is my turn, but until then hope all is well with you and yours and generally take care, have fun and be good(ish).

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