good morning good morning

its early morning here in Phnom Penh, and as mummy Ani gets some well-deserved rest, baby Otis and dad are planning what wickedness they can get up to today. Last week Otis became his alter-ego ‘Hatboy’ (click on the PDF for the full story)theamazinghatboy , the boy with the amazing collection of hats yet only one facial expression – this week… who knows? The day is young, the memory cards not yet full and Robbie the wind-up robot looks as if he would like to get involved in a little ceative madness…

watch this (lost in) space…
‘…and what exactly is a joke?’ (Jugband Blues)


  1. paul · June 4, 2007

    Hi James!Good work fella! V. envious about you meeting tim page.
    Love to you, anita and otis

    • James Sutherland · June 6, 2007

      thanks Paul, this blogstuff is a whole new world to me – sometimes it feels silly spinning words out into cyberspace, sometimes just so right, so we’ll muddle on regardless. Hope you are well, looking forward to catching up with you when back in the UK. Love from us all in Khmerland. X

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